Thanks to Tinder, the dating game has changed, maybe forever, maybe for now, for better or worse. Tinder might be a different app to you, it’s a metaphor for your guilty pleasure, or innocent mysery. 

It can be the difference between being alone and being lonely, the difference between a new life and a new night, relationships and sex, love and self loathing. If you’re shy, generally open and conversational; it can be a huge tool to avoid… huge tools.

Dating apps have meant that I could connect with others that I felt attracted to, that were attracted to me in Thailand, Vietnam, USA, Spain… Iceland and even Bognor Regis. I didn’t and wouldn’t sleep with everyone, there was always a connection and perhaps too much of one with most, if not all… so what’s wrong with that. Nobody seems to follow the mantra that everything is ok in moderation so why dilute dating, why experience the good with the bad, why not filter life?

Depression and dating is hard, travelling and interaction can be difficult. The verdicts out but at least I’m not judging. 

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