A quick search on your Google machine will tell you that Karma probably started about 1500 B.C. What Google were doing there… I don’t know. 

Either way, I caught on *a little bit late.

1500 + 2017 = *a little bit late 

For years I’ve had a filter on my karma, a condition to my deeds, an excuse for my actions and a template for my behaviour. More precisely I’ve been a dick. 

Then, around the time I turned thirty I realised something. Initially, I throught that I had beaten justice. I hadn’t created a simultaneous negative energy, weighing up the justice of life and striking at me for all the bad I had done. There was #nofilter to my life and I simply chose to leave carefree, selfishly, at least self obssessed. More precisely I had become careless.

For all those I had wronged, I had no sympathy, for all those that felt used, I had no empathy. It was simply the way of the world. By not participating in Karma, it had not participated in me. Then it struck me; neither did anything else.

No matter what I aimed for, strived toward, competed in, achieved, I would not, could not… make my mark. I was ignored, passively by the world. My work was strong, as was my work ethic, I had left a pleasant taste in the mouth of my social circle. It wasn’t that I was unpopular, quite the contrary. Somehow though, I was forgotten. 

I put my life into compartments, segments of time, this was to be the quietest, where I built. Ready to reap all that I sewed. Karma had other plans for me though and I’m glad I noticed, I just hope that it was in time. Because whilst I thought that I didn’t give a F***… I think I did. I think I wanted Karma to care about me, I wanted to participate, I’m ready for the repercussions so Karma… can we start again? No more #nofilter to my life… I’ll play by the rules this time.

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