I was with my therapist the other day doing some Word Association, which seemed like a fantastic idea.

First there was this classic below, clearly to show the dangers of joining the army. It was a poignant day of course because the RAF had just allowed all women to apply for all jobs. Fantastic. But bare a thought for this young lady who has developed PTSD.

First take a look at her blank screen, she probably thinks that she is still in the emergency response unit in ‘Nam… responding to complex in-calls and firing off intel to rescue teams. Sure… I know what you’re thinking, Intel didn’t exist back in ‘Nam. Well let me point this out, her giant hands! What the fuck are they about! And the claw pinky. If you do join the army, don’t get PTSD!


Blank screen


This wasn’t the only picture I had to associate, in fact, I now realise this game isn’t called word association, it’s probably called “Say what you see” and had my therapist been real, I would have surely fired her.


Fig. 2

Selling a boy

Here we have a classic dilemma, modern wealth meets desperation. On the left we have a lovely couple, they’ve been raising this young boy, he must be no older than eleven years old. Then, on the right we have a couple, two men in love and that’s a beautiful thing. However they are clearly purchasing the child and they have brought with them an iron clad contract in case this poor destitute couple change their mind.

Fig 3.

Endo Teeth

Classic mistake, this chap has done what’s called an ENDO and he is gonna smash the f*** out of his sisters teeth with his own mouth. Why’s he kissing his sister anyway?



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