Travel writing eh.

Take the laptop out to the wild countryside and become inspired. Well, what if it rains? Excellent question. Writing outdoors is the worst possible place to write, naturally. Pardon the pun. Okay. Electricity is not great in weather, so to speak. Go old school.

Old school… you mean carve it in a tree with knife? That would take… ok sorry. You mean pen and paper. Well that is also a bad suggestion! I once took a note from a woman in a bar, I thought it was her number but would later find out that it was Talk To Frank. What that has to do with the weather or writing outside, I’m not sure. Pen and paper would run the ink… I guess. Bad suggestion.

Anyhoo, books are written in a Travel Lodge in Slough, they’re typed in a box room in Lanarkshire, they’re written in a widowers attic in Wisconsin. Forget the romantic notion of writing in wonderful landscapes.

Travel writing will often give a skewed insight into a travelled world. For example:

Do you shower frequently?

Are you sociable?

Do you like to have your hands free?

Do you have friends?

If you have answered these questions “Yes” then you might find that writers have written a travel book based purely on imagination, or as we say in the literary world: Fiction. What can you learn about a place by carrying round a notepad or laptop in Vietnam? You gonna take notes on the back of that scooter?

Writing is fun. Travelling (if you are sober) isn’t that fun.

If someone says travelling is fun and they haven’t been drinking, they may just have enjoyed writing whilst being away.

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