Power grew on me from Season 2 onward. At first it was a guilty pleasure, it took a certain level of self dumbing to really digest what was going on. It was just… just… better than Empire.

Shall we talk about the Sex Scenes… that is Porn.

For most teenage boys in the 2000’s they had a few Samantha scenes from Sex and the City and if they waited up late enough, EuroTrash. If only they had been born fifteen years later, they could have watched Power. Sometimes I wonder if these people are porn stars or actors.

The script is actually amazing, sure, I don’t always believe the casting, everyone is either a little young, or a little old. Jerry Ferreira as the big man lawyer… what is he? Thirty six? Come on man.

Still… if you’re a TV snob, just do it. You’ll soon realise that this is gold.

I struggle to write too much without loads of spoilers…

James: He’s double bad ass, you will not waste time by loving this fella. He is jacked up from the gym but never seems to go. Everyone wants to be this muthaf**** because he is the shit. How is he so muscly? How is he so well dressed? This chap makes Christian Grey look like Mr. Bean.

Tommy: I’m not sold on this guy but sure, he’s a serious dude. Get’s the Trump voters watching doesn’t he (white joke).

Tasha: I thought that James St. Patrick could do better, she seems a little bit drama in the Bahama’s and if she was just going to be a trophy wife, I’d want a better trophy but it turn’s out she’s pretty bad ass. From the sex scenes… she can bang too.

Bored now… watch the rest yourself.


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