Writing, professionally at least, came as a surprise. I recently discovered I have relatives in the game, if it can be called that but we haven’t met yet, knowing how families are, we probably never will. At least I can never be accused of nepotism!

I began with Faber & Faber and also work with a boutique publishing house in Sydney.

I split my year up into three periods of time and spend time in Australia or Asia, London or Paris, NYC or LA. That said, I’ve always found LA tough to socialise and my visits are becoming few and far between.

My portfolio has included memoirs, fiction, non-fiction, cook books, business literature (when I occasionally sell out) and comedy.

Having written scripts and stand-up, it’s definitely my favourite genre. Always keen to hear from new talent, collaborate, meet and work with artistic individuals. My publishers are understanding, with my ability to miss deadlines; they need to be.

Feel free to get in touch any time.


This is the blog of Crocodile Books... how potentially exciting. All views are others, we don't actually write... just publish. If you are a writer, author, looking for a job... get in touch. We are hiring.

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